Dear CNN, help Santa’s reindeer!


Photo: anonymous helper

Dear CNN!

Please help! Santa’s reindeer are in a terrible situation at Kvitfjell on the island Kvaløya in the north of Norway. All day I have been trying to inform Norwegian media about reindeer being left with nothing to eat, due to human greed. Santa himself is furious!

Although Norway do no need wind industry, our politicians have decided to destroy vast areas all over the country, so that foreign investors can make themselves rich, causing thousands of birds, insects and animals to die. Some of the rare birds will soon be extinct, due to the ongoing vandalism.

More than 150 000 Norwegians are now protesting, but the Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg refuses to take our worries seriously. Is this the democracy we thought we knew? Our prime minister insists this is green industry. It does not feel like that for the reindeer.

Please help us to help Santa’s helpers!

Yours sincerely

Christina Fjeldavli




2 thoughts on “Dear CNN, help Santa’s reindeer!

  1. Henny Gordon Vittali July 30, 2019 / 12:24 pm

    Save the reindeers


    • christinafjeldavli July 31, 2019 / 11:03 pm

      Yes, we have to save them! I have tried to have these photos posted in Norwegian media, but so far none of them have agreed to tell the world how Santa’s helpers are treated. Maybe you can help me spread this in the news some other place ? Yours sincerely, Christina


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