Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?


To: The Norwegian Minister of Oil, Energy and Shameless Environmental Crime

Darling Kjell-Børge!

Knowing you will soon be with us, excites me beyond measurement. Please allow me to express my deep gratitude, and at the same time wish you a safe journey, free from phallic symbols of the kind you don’t need. Also I hope Haram will be safe in the future, which shockingly depends on YOU, to a large extent. How scary is that?😱Will you, Kjell-Børge, allow wind turbines on the mountains or not? That’s the to be or not to be-question for me and my fellow feather friends. 

By the way, did you like the horse head in your silky sheets this morning? Don’t take it personal. Just wanted you to know how I feel about the Ministry of Oil, Energy and Shameless Acts of Environmental Crime. Whilst at Haram, I hope you will truly listen to us, The Birds. We’re directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and like Al Pacino, we have an offer you can’t refuse: wild nature. Let me whisper all about it directly into your ear, so that the woman we all fear, the Prime Minister of Double Standards, won’t know anything about it. She’s busy scratching Angelas back anyway.

Yours sincerely,

Fratercula Arcticas aka Al Lundino

lundefugl og mafiaboss, i den rekkefølgen (it takes one to know one)



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