Triple dose climate cure for non-compliant nomads

Written by Christina Fjeldavli. Translated from Norwegian to English by Liv Marie Sandve.

“We have forced this indigenous people before, and they know it”, Mrs Blow Up comments to the NTB. Illustration: Christina Fjeldavli

As Erna Blow Up held her new year speech 1st of January 2020, it became clear to most people that she, first and foremost, acts as the leader of the UN sustainable development goals. The position as prime minister of Norway must be entertained in between meetings with World Economic Forum, which can prove to be demanding. The asset is that access to the state funds makes it easier to make agreements with gentlemen of high importance.

Even though the residents of the country mostly are cooperative and compliant, certain people always seems to want to make trouble, just to get the attention. First and foremost there are representatives from the indigenous people of the country who refuse to give up areas to the industry, even when it collides with the sustainable development goals of the very UN.

“The UN sustainability goals are the common work plan to extinguish poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030”, it says in the UNs’ own website. It is given that we can not fight inequality if certain people insist on remaining reindeer herders. If the norwegian shelf is to be fully electrified, parallell to hydropower being exported, it is obvious that the last remains of wilderness must be given to wind farms.

It is deplorable that we once more must force the sami people into collaboration. “I believed we were further ahead”, says Blow Up to NTB. Even if it will be costly, she is determined to suggest triple dose climate cure for non-compliant nomads.

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