Wake up and Pay, the fuck, attention

Poem by Dag Harald Rautio

Note: This, is a Poem:
Wake up and pay, the fuck, attention
that Jesus is 2000 years dead
God, his Father, is 200 years dead
Rosa Luxembourg, is dead
Martin Luther King, is dead
Malcolm X, is dead
Rosa Parks, is dead
Mother Theresa, also dead
Nelson Mandela, – dead,
the future is here, instead
Freedom of speach, is an illusion
Lying, is an overpaid profession
Integrity, used to be human nature
Steeling, is the new celebrated virtue
Democracy, an archaic constitution
Hippocricy, the preferred solution
The future is looking so Bright,
I refuse, condemn, despice
I downright, flat out, Hell if I ever will, and fuck you all…
…I would rather go blind,
than wear your State subsidized fancy AI shades (!)

Illustration: ” The wide owl is watching”
by Christina Fjeldavli

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