Sorry to say this, Robert Z

Lyrics: Dag Máhtenjárga

Sorry to say this, Robert Z:

Time has stood still since 24.10.1963

Come join me rebels
wherever you roam
admit that the crimes
around you have grown
and do tell them soon
they’ll be skinned to the bone
if they wont change
their way of thinkin’
they better start runnin’
or I’ll turn them to stone
-for my contempt
against them is ragin’

Come journalists an critics
who hides with your pen
now do your damn duty
I wont ask you again
dont look to the might
to tell who is right
our future is who
is decidin’
for the downtrodden now
may yet later be raised
-for my derision
against them is ragin’

Come members of Parliament
now heed my call
give up your positions
don’t make yourself small
you’ll be honoured or dead
now make up your mind
the war for the future ain’t waitin’
It’ll soon hunt you down
and rattle your bones
-for my despite
against them is ragin’

Politicians and investors
througout the land
stop fuckin’ up things
that you can’t understand
I’m a savage, a wild one
beyond your command
your abusements
are rapidly failin’
move out of my face
and keep the fuck far away

for my irreverence
against them is ragin’

My line it is drawn
my curse it is cast
the revolt is slow
might sudden be fast
like your system now
will belong in the past
your mismanagement
rapidly failin’
your greatness now
will later be less

for my disrespect
against them is ragin’

One thought on “Sorry to say this, Robert Z

  1. dsjamanm October 19, 2020 / 10:00 am

    Thank you for sharing my Poem, inspired by the Civil Rights Movement and Bob Dylan

    Did we learn, – anything?


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