Trust in Kinder society

The minister of Corona is talking to the minister of Kinder eggs, but we are not supposed to hear it. We don’t need a registry of lobbying in the Kinder society, because of the unwavering trust in each other. Charcoal drawing: Christina Fjeldavli. Graphic design: Magdalena Fjeldavli.

Written by Christina Fjeldavli. Translated from Norwegian by Liv Marie Sandve

As Tina Bru in 2016 were to express her excitement about Fosen Vind, she chose to describe the wind farm as “an amazing Kinder egg”. In 2020 Bru is on top of the department of oil- and Kinder eggs, a position for a specific kind of women, determined to brood.

Every fine laying hen knows that Kinder eggs need to be hidden well during brooding. The content must remain a secret. The unnecessary and environmentally harming content is to be covered by something sweet and alluring. As the eggs are hatching, it can be smart to make it happen simultaneously with the press release of the minister of Corona.

We have a lot of trust in each other in the Kinder society, and this is how we want to keep it in the future. A registry of lobbying would be very destructive to the naivety accumulated through decades.


Destruction of Sami areas is against The Norwegian Constitution.

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