Changing of the guards

Poem by Dag Harald Rautio

Changing of the guards

I heard people of power
telling lies to the nation
I saw trains bound for glory
leaving the stations
I saw a working man lending
a hand to his neighbour
I saw a business man rich
beyond his own labour
I heard scientists preaching
their cermon was hollow
I heard a band of angels
I would die to follow

I saw a poor man arrested
defending his integrity
I saw a rich man admired
he was trading in bribery
I saw great fields of barley
with no one to reap it
I saw a boy baking bread
and no one would eat it
I heard a wise man’s words
with nobody listening
I heard our politicians rant
and the masses applauding

I heard promises of a future
of prosperity and plenty
I saw children of poverty
their stomachs all empty
I saw people in search
but none of them seeing
I saw people in wealth
and none of them sharing
I heard a prophet’s vision
of changes and hope
her followers found hung
from the end of a rope

I heard the destitute protesting
with no one to lead them
I saw their children all homeless
and our welfare in mayhem
I saw a nation of people
degraded by greed
I saw continents starving
with billions in need
I saw the will of the few
become the law of the many
I saw its purpose was hidden
the enforcement was shady

I heard salvation of mankind
was increase of consumption
I saw scars from the rape
beyond hope of redemption
I saw a halo of light
surround a young girl
now is she the one
gonna change our world
she lectures the people from
the Parliaments pulpit
– will she learn her own song
before she start sing it ?

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