About Repparfjorden

Greta Thunberg, thank you for informing your followers about Repparfjorden. As you point out, Norwegian authorities have “granted a permission to pump 2 million tons of toxic into the fjord anually”, in an area of great importance for Sami culture. It sounds like a crazy film plot, or a nightmare. Unfortunately these are real plans, supported by Høyre, Venstre, KrF Kristelig Folkeparti, Arbeiderpartiet and Fremskrittspartiet FrP at the Norwegian Stortinget.

Instead of openly defending the plans for Repparfjorden, Erna Solberg, campaigns for yet another four year as prime minister, accompanied by a pig, a snake, a helium baloon and a bunch of celebrities. (I am not making this up.) And guess what: They all pretend to care about the environment and the climate SO much. Also they talk about how much they love Sami culture, especially every 6th of February.

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